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I should not be doing this.  I have a list the length of my arm of chores to do today, none of which includes updating my blog (although now that I think about it, it should), but I was led here through circumstances beyond my control.  It started by checking my email, wherein I saw someone named “Bob” commented on one of my posts.  It’s one of those vague posts where I couldn’t tell if it was spam or not, so I opened up my control panel.  Still couldn’t tell, so I clicked the link–yes, I know, but it had “crochet” in the url itself, so I figured it was probably safe.  And honestly, I still can’t tell if it’s spam! I’m leaning towards legit, but some of the text on the page itself–not all, but some–does look spammish with its random words that mean nothing.

But whatever, this is what led me to check my stats to see if I could determine where Bob came from–couldn’t.  But! I did learn that I had twelve hits on Tuesday!  No clue why!  Which led to more stats reviewing, and then I learned that my readership has actually been increasing, slowly but steadily, every month since I started this.  Sweet!  And then I felt guilty for not updating more.

Which then led me to writing this post.  See how it wasn’t my fault? But you’re glad I’m here, right?  Well, I am, even if you’re not.

So, as I was saying in my last update (which was posted from Massachusetts, btw, but that was last week), I’ve been up to so much, yarn/knit/crochet-wise! I’ve bought magazines! I’ve bought yarn! I’ve both knitted and crocheted things! And finished them, too! It’s been a wild and crazy two weeks, I tells ya.

Ok, so last post, I left off with the alpaca/silk prezzie for my friend.  It’s finished, by the way, but still hasn’t been delivered, so again, no details to spare, but I found the label, so I can tell you the super-awesome-to-the-touch yarn is Debbie Bliss’s Alpaca Silk (80%/20%).  It’s a dream and you should consider getting yourself some.  I do have to pull out my SnB book, though, to help me with the washing instructions.  I’d swear the little bucket with “30[degree symbol]” means it’s machine washable, but alpaca and silk? Machine washable? That can’t be right. Must double check.  Anyway, I already have the pictures taken and ready to post once the prezzie has been delivered.

Relatedly, when I bought this yarn at Handmade, I also bought two balls of Berroco’s Foliage.  The only good picture I can find of it online is at the Berroco site–the sample picture in the top left, that says “click to enlarge”?  That’s it. The color is 5961, but I don’t see it in the swatches on that page, just in the sample icon.  But that one is a perfect match–be sure to check the enlarged image for a closer look at the brilliant colors! I’ve got 200 yards of it and no clue what to do with it, but I can never resist bright colors that pop. And the owner of the shop even discounted it for me, to further tempt me. Woot!

So those were my yarn purchases from two weeks ago.  I then went to Boston for a family wedding, where I got lots of knitting done, primarily at Craft Night.

What is Craft Night, you ask?  Stay tuned for the next post! (This post was getting entirely too long, so I decided to break it up.)

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