Completely off-topic rambles

It’s been another taxing day at work, and tomorrow promises to be no better.  I’ve done no knitting yet today, but hopefully will tonight while I’m watching Bones.  I played some Scrabulous during lunch, removed some patterns books from my Amazon wish list that I no longer want, and read a disturbing blog post about an elderly Japanese man who was removed from a train in Connecticut by security for the horrible crime of photographing pretty scenery from the train and not understanding English when (conductor?) told him to put the camera away. (I’d link it, but I don’t have the window open anymore, and I’m too lazy to look it up. Also? It made me very angry, and I don’t want to revisit that.)

Also also, I 100% support the striking writers of the WGA.

It’s freezing outside of my cube, but nice and cozy here where I sit, because I have my space heater on full blast.  This is why I’m still in the office at 6:30pm–I don’t want to leave my space heater.  Alas, I must go, mostly ’cause I’m hungry. 🙂

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