:-D I am full of SQUEE! today

I’m feelng ridiculously pleased with myself right now. I just automated at task at work that’s going to make life easier for at least three people (myself included) and will insure that the task isn’t done incorrectly (which has been about 50% of the time in the past). Whee! I also told one of my coworkers about something he does regularly that makes me feel inadequate, which I knew wasn’t his intention but still drives me bugnuts crazy, and he apologized and promised to stop doing it. I remembered to copy a bunch of Xmas music to my flash drive this morning to transport to my work laptop. AND! Something I bought for myself on Black Friday arrived today that I’ve been greatly looking forward to.

So, I’m having a good day. My skin is actually tingling from my joy. Here’s hoping it lasts!

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