Knitting and Crochet


I’ve added a link to my set of knitting-related pictures on Flickr, under the new header “Links” over in the sidebar.  The set is missing a few things–the scarf and cigarette cozy I made for Allyson, the felted purse I made for my sister, and probably others I’ve forgotten to photograph before giving them away.  I also have two purses waiting to be felted that haven’t been photographed yet, a hat and scarf that needs the ends woven in, a pair of unfinished baby booties, the incomplete pieces to a teddy bear that I abandoned, a fibonacci scarf that’s still on the needles….  Ok, I need to stop thinking about the projects I never finished or I’ll never get around to cleaning my apartment today!

But, the link is there.  And, for that matter, here. 😀

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