Happy Summer!

I know, it’s been a gazillion and a half years since I updated this thing, and someday, I’ll be able to start a post that doesn’t start with “sorry I haven’t updated in so long,” but today isn’t that day. And for now, all I’m really doing is sharing a new toy:

I don’t know if that’s gonna work; if it doesn’t, I’ll move it over to the right column. But basically it’s a link to my pictures on Flickr, where most of the wedding weekend photos are stashed. It’s my goal to have as many pictures of the wedding weekend as possible linked here, either on Flickr or wherever they’re living. To that end, if you have pictures you’d like to share, please let me know–I can either link to them, or you can send them to me and I’ll put them up to be linked. Email is feewiwwy [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Edited to add: Ok, that didn’t work at all. I’ll put it up in the right column instead. Or, you can just go here:
Nan’s Bridal Shower
Nan’s Bachelorette Party
The Wedding Cake
The Rehearsal Dinner
The dress fittings
Wedding Day (mostly prepping in the morning and early afternoon)
The Day After (hanging out with our out of town friends and family)

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