Pulling from another blog, here’s what I had to say in March about the bridal shower

Originally written March 26, 2006
The shower is over and went swimmingly, with only a few blips and freakouts. Some of the things I’d ordered online never arrived, so that was disappointing. The wine labels kept un-sticking around the edges, so we spent much time doctoring them with Crazy Glue. Also, the wine labels I’d designed were for bottles of a different year than the ones that A purchased, so instead of portrait, the labels on the white wines were landscape. Gah! The sign I made for the guest/scrapbook was too big for the frame, so we had to cut the edges off. I screwed up the scratch card game. And Nan recognized cars in the parking lot, so she wasn’t *entirely* surprised.

But these were all teeny things, and as a whole, I believe the event was a huge success. The room was beautiful, with balloons everywhere; the scrapbook was a surprising success–despite the deer-in-headlights looks at the prospect of polaroids of everyone, they all got into it and created beautiful and memorable pages; the cake was stunning; the food was perfect; only four people didn’t show up, which was masked by the three short-notice guests that did. Our friends were wonderful and so helpful, arriving early to help decorate and to assemble the most beautiful corsage ever, taking charge of the “ribbon bouquet”, taking pictures, and helping Todd pack the cars after most people had left. My uncle who recently relocated to Luxembourg was able to attend, which was a nice surprise for the sis (he’s walking her down the aisle). And the recipe book? Absolutely beautiful job by, and a HUGE hit. HUGE. I have to send the link to a gazillion people who want to buy their own copy, and so many people were sad they hadn’t sent a recipe so that it could be included.

I was a bit preoccupied for the whole event, making sure everyone was eating and had what they needed. Anytime I had a moment to stop, I kept thinking there must be something I should be doing, but really, it didn’t require the constant vigilance I was giving it, I was just super-control-freak-girl. I was mocked for my gift log/numbered stickers system, but I was vindicated in the end, as my numbered stickers were the only way to recall who gave which placemats and which bowls and which glasses. Ha!

So yes, everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoy all the little touches, and several people told me I should consider event planning, to which I of course laughed long and hard. And now it’s over except for the posting of pictures, which I’ll do as soon as I get back to L.A. 🙂 Thanks to everyone for the advice, assistance, and support for the past three months!

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