Again from another blog, this is what I had to say on the morning of the wedding

Originally written May 28, 2006
The sis and I are up and about. The sis is cleaning (yes, ON HER WEDDING DAY, go figure), and I’m painting my nails and icing my knee in prep for a very long day in strappy heels. Soon our friends will be joining us with donuts, muffins and bagels, and the makeup and hair people will arrive, and it will be chaos, but hopefully in the fun kinda way. We sadly have no mimosas, as we forgot to pick up the fixin’s yesterday. Ah well.

Rehearsal yesterday was hilarious–the two flower girls and two ring bearers are five and under, and it’s going to be very interesting to see how they perform today. The reverend is also rather funny–even my uncle Paul got chastised at one point for not being prepared. Sadly, there will be no pictures allowed during the actual ceremony, by decree of the reverend; she very strongly believes that the marriage ceremony is sacred and should not be treated like a show or performance. What this means is that once the ceremony is over and people are leaving, we have to go back in to “re-enact” the key moments for the benefit of the photographer. Talk about a show! *g*

The post-rehearsal bbq was wonderful fun, although weird in the collision of worlds–Bronzers and local friends and family from both sides, plus my half-brother and his wife and BiL, whom I hadn’t seen in over six years and who didn’t know anyone else there (at the beginning at least; fortunately they’re very personable and made friends quickly). The wine went straight to my head of course, which meant I was flitting from group to group with the silliest of segues. AND, I got the most beautiful flask from pawswithclaws and mrlittlesister as a thank you for performing my duties as MoH–it was engraved with “Polgara” and a little kitty cat, and came with two shot glasses and a funnel in a cute little carrying case. It’s the coolest present ever!

Ok, done icing, gotta go do wedding-preppy type stuff, like deciding if I’m going to give a toast, and if so, what I’ll say. Meep!

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