Things I didn’t write about

Other things that happened in the past three months, that I apparently didn’t write about in other blogs, include:

+ Going to Hollywood, Florida in April for a conference (marvelous fun), followed by driving down to Key West with two coworkers for a long weekend of relaxing.
+ Telecommuting for two weeks in in April while they renovated our office space. I’d say more, but it’s not all positive, and this is a public blog.
+ Nan’s college graduation: monsoon weather conditions was sadly the most memorable part of that day, but Nancy looked adorable in her black cap and red gown with her shiny new diploma holder.
+ Nan’s bachelorette party: there was a japanese steakhouse, many drinks at the Black Brimmer, a pink tiara, and handcuffs. Need I say more?
+ The incredibly long to do list of stuff that we *actually accomplished* the week before the wedding. We rule!
+ The wedding. If you were there, you already know how beautiful the ceremony was, and hopefully had a better time at the reception than I or Nan did. If you weren’t there, you probably know someone who told you all about it.
+ The return home, return to “normal” life, and readjusting at work to get used to the new department that took over 3/4 of our building.

I think that’s enough for now, no need to overload the senses of my two readers. I’ll try not to take so long before my next post!

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