Pictures! From seventy-bazillion years ago!

Today on my lunch break I scanned in 50 photos from my 30th birthday party, which took place six years and 11 months ago. Yes, I know they’re late, and I apologize, but I have sitting on my desk a shoebox filled to capacity with pictures that I intend to scan this summer, so they can finally be shared with the people in them.

So yes, I started with my 30th birthday party, because they’re the pictures that made me most nostalgic for a time long past, when Mom and Uncle Jack and Uncle Tom were not just with us, but were (relatively) healthy and strong. There are some pictures missing–a couple live in frames that I forgot to bring to the office, and I think some are temporarily misplaced, as I’m certain I can remember pictures containing Uncle Paul and cousin Tom, but I think 50 is a good start for now.

Note that I now host my pictures on Flickr rather than on my own server. Flickr is much more user friendly than my antiquated “frame” system, and I love their tagging feature. I have over 2000 photos stored there already, so feel free to poke around and see what else I have there.

My 30th Birthday Party, August 1999

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