Happy Thanksgiving!

Things I am thankful for:

  • My family, particularly my sister and brother-in-law, but also my uncle and cousins and aunts and half brothers and stepbrothers.
  • My friends, particularly those I consider my second family.
  • The good health of Noah, and the improving health of Grace.
  • The snuggles of my kitties.
  • That I have a job I still love even after seven years.
  • The roof over my head, even though it’s riddled with termites and rain damage.
  • That I can pay my bills, even though there are so!many!of!them!
  • My own general good health.
  • That I learned to knit and crochet, because it gives me peace, confidence and a personal connection to so many people and so much history.

Have a good turkey day!

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