Harry Potter week

No updates in a week?? I am a very bad blogger. But truth be told, I’ve barely touched a strand of yarn all week.  Instead, all my free time has been devoted solely to Harry Potter–Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, and the Half-Blood Prince, to be exact.  As the release date for the seventh and final Harry Potter book draws inexorably nearer, I’ve been frantically trying to finish my re-read of all six of the preceding books.  I really should’ve started way sooner than I did, given how slow a reader I am.  The first two were no problem, since I have them both as audio cds as well as text, so I was able to listen to them whilst crocheting.  Prisoner of Azkaban has always been my favorite, so I zipped through that one, no problem.

But then came Goblet of Fire, one of my least favorite of the series, and impossibly long.  It took me forever to read that one, but I finally finished it last Thursday night, giving me only a week to read the last two, also impossibly long, books, so guess what my weekend consisted of? I felt like a college student trying to cram an entire semester’s worth of knowledge into my head the night before a final.  My sleep has been marred by feverish dreams of racing down dark hallways and trying to placate bickering best friends.  With nearly every spare moment devoted to Harry and friends (I took two breaks–one to see Transformers and the other to see Order of the Phoenix, although that second one doesn’t technically qualify as a break, I guess), all I’ve been able to think about in my non-spare moments is of course Harry and friends.  I’ve been avoiding phone calls and posting boards and yes, this blog, in my efforts to be as ready as I can be for Friday night’s midnight release of possibly the most anticipated book ever.

I’m almost there–only 230 pages to go.  Maybe then I’ll be able to take the two minutes to upload the picture of the pretty crochet square that I promised last week, which of course still isn’t finished.

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