Has it really been over two weeks since my last post? Oops.

Huh, let’s see, what’s new? My back injury has almost completely disappeared, so I’m back to kicking and punching at krav and kickboxing, and I’ve even got the bruises under my jawline to prove it. (Those damn choke holds!) My knitting obsession is moving right along, given that Christmas is only four and a half weeks away. (I’m thinking this will be the only year of knitted gifts, it’s way too stressful when you’re as slow at it as I am.) My Christmas shopping is nearly completed, thanks to a marathon session of online shopping this past Sunday. I moved my couch last week, which is really only exciting if you’re one of my cats – so far they’re big fans of the change. I’m still stuck at the docks in the Buffy X-Box game, thanks to those damn sirens – they keep dropping me into the ocean, and apparently Buffy can’t swim. Who knew?

I know, I’m boring. It’s weird, when I’m driving into work, I can think of a million things I want to post about, but once I’m sitting at the computer, they all just vanish. *sigh*

Oo! So I’m thinking of flying out to Arizona for a weekend at the end of March to watch the Red Sox play the Diamondbacks during Spring Training. If it happens, it’ll be the first time I’ve ever travelled anywhere for a sporting event. It’s odd, when I lived in Massachusetts, I couldn’t really have cared less about *any* sport, except maybe basketball, but since I’ve moved to L.A., I’ve become a Red Sox fanatic, almost to Buffy levels of fanaticism. They’ve even been making guest appearances in my dreams. Freaky. I considered flying home for opening day, but it’ll be getting too close to my New Orleans trip by then.

Ok, I’m just rambling now, so I’m just gonna say, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! May your turkey be juicy, may your team win (Go Medford!), may you remember to watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special. However you celebrate, enjoy it to the fullest.

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