Pickin’ myself up, dustin’ myself off

So, the election didn’t go my way. Devastating, but not the end of the world (I hope – the jury’s still out on that one). I’ve still got the Red Sox Championship to keep me warm and glowy at night, and I’ll just keep clinging to that for as long as I can. And in the spirit of that, I have found for you Don’t Blame Me, I’m from Red Sox Nation T shirts and bumper stickers. Woo! Buy them for your friends and loved ones, and if you find any for California residents, let me know.

Love's BitchAnd since Christmas is coming very quickly, you should also buy Love’s Bitch T shirts etc., ’cause I could use the income to purchase presents for my own friends and loved ones. 😀 Yep, it’s all about me.

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