Overwhelmed and under-medicated

I would like to go to sleep for a week, please. Except for the part where then I’d miss my chance to vote.

My back is killing me, and I can barely stand up straight. I’ve had a cold since Sunday, and it’s making me oh so tired. The election is four days away, and the fear of the wrong outcome is giving me an ulcer. And yet, my beloved Red Sox made history this week (and this month), more than once – first MLB team to come back and win from a 0-3 deficit; first team to win eight straight in the postseason; first championship title in 86 years; first pitcher to win three clutch games in three straight series (Lowe). How do I love thee? I can’t even count the ways. It’s an overwhelming week, and I’m feeling numb from it all. And ouchy, from the back pain. Oh, and bitterly disappointed to learn Varitek is married. *sigh*

If anyone is interested in what an ex-Mutant Enemy writer is up to, I’ve made a ton of updates to this week, including a “Vote for Kerry” popup. (She’s a Kerry supporter! Yay!) Not many updates to *this* site yet, but I’ve been prepping some new photos to put up soon – and not just kitty photos, either. Also, I’ve updated the Love’s Bitch online store, so feel free to go and spend lots of money. šŸ˜€

Work’s been slow this week, which has allowed me to uncover some share-able links: is an adorable website involving the many antics of two Boston Terriers named Bergamot and Emrys. Check out the features page in particular, it’s got some clever time-killers in there. Perhaps it’s time Trouble and Jack had their own website…

If you haven’t seen Hello yet, you’ve been missing out. Kerry, Bush and friends singing their own version of a beloved Queen hit – what more could a person ever want for in life?

On the more serious side, Eminem’s Mosh video is a brilliant strategy to get today’s youth to get out and vote already. Go to and search for “Mosh”. Warning, though – if you’re a Bush supporter, you’re not gonna like it.

As you all know, Tuesday is election day. Make sure you vote, there’s nothing more important than voting. For information on what to bring, where to go, what the hell to do, check out Rock the Vote, it looks like they’ve got every angle covered, including a printable list of voting tips.

That’s all I’ve got for now, must go find some Alleve for my back.

Oh, except, tomorrow is Stephanie’s birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE! May Robin and Mickey appear at your door first thing in the morning to do your bidding!

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