In other news…

The current state of me:
+I’ve been sick for awhile with a very annoying cold, so I haven’t been to krav in two weeks (soon three). This is not good, as my first belt test is a week from Saturday.
+I’m currently reading Bitten, by Kelley Armstrong. It started out ho-hum, but has since gotten better. The protaganist is strong and quirky, like early Anita Blake, but is missing the snappy constantly moving plot. But it’s also not the all-sex/no-plot drivel that the Anita Blake books have since become, so that’s a huge plus.
+I’m about halfway through the Dead Like Me season one dvds from Netflix. It’s quirky and darkly funny, and the main character is slowly growing on me, but I hear it all falls apart soon, as the series creator left after about five episodes. Fingers are crossed for continued good episodes.
+The blanket I’ve been working on for months for my nephew is nearly complete – I just need to finish weaving the ends, and crochet a border on the whole thing. I always drag my feet when finishing large projects, but hopefully I can get it done this weekend. I’ve also finished a hat in rainbow colors, and I’m working on another, since they’re quick and easy, so there’s an instant gratification factor that makes them very appealing.
+A and I are going to the Red Sox/Angels game this weekend. Please oh please let them do better than the last time they were in Anaheim!

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