Isn’t it done YET?

My Day of Laundry has turned into my Weekend of Laundry. Seriously, I did TEN loads yesterday, and 11-14 are currently occupying the washers and dryers downstairs. I’m *almost* done, but there’s still two blankets, one couch slipcover, one winter jacket, and the linens from my bed. Damn good thing I picked up two extra rolls of quarters at the bank yesterday! Sheesh.

However, the reason I had so much is because I finally cleaned out my closet yesterday, and I managed to cull four bags and a box worth of clothes to go to Out of the Closet (which I also did yesterday–it was a very productive day!). All the winter clothes that I had left went into the wash (some moths were discovered in the closet, so I’m taking no chances), and anything that doesn’t fit after a stint in the dryer will also go to OotC.

Now, in the bad news department, my living room was invaded by termites yesterday afternoon, when the sun got hot enough to drive them from the wall and onto my couch (which is right under the window where they live). The rest of my afternoon was spent in a depressed funk, for several reasons:

1. My landlord doesn’t “fix” the wall, he patches it up. It started with the rains about three years ago that got into and destroyed a lot of my south wall–cracks, holes, you name it. Even the AC unit nearly came crashing down. But instead of finding where the water was coming from and fixing it, they just patched up the visible damage. This has led to years of leaky windows and, yes, termites, which I’m sure is making the damage that much worse. I fully expect the ceiling to cave in some day.

2. I live in a rent-controlled city, which means that I’m currently paying only about 2/3 of current rents, which means I can’t afford to move, unless I want to move somewhere that would increase my commute by about 30 miles.

3. Money is tight enough that I can’t even really replace the couch. (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the part where the couch is under the infested window/wall, so when the sun forces the bugs out, they crawl all over my couch). The couch is old (and has a wooden frame, which I try not to think about to hard) and hurts my back, so I rarely even sit on it anymore. What I’d like is a convertible love seat–the full sized couch is so big, the only place for it is under that window, but a love seat is small enough to go in the middle of the room without overpowering it, and hence, away from that cursed window. I should just toss the couch and live without until I can find another solution, but I’ve never lived without a couch, and it just seems so, I dunno, college student-y. I’m too old to not have furniture without feeling like a failure.

So, that was yesterday–some triumphs, some defeats. Also, I need someone to empty my dustbuster for me. I can’t bear to see all those termites in there.

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