Wave bye-bye to the pretty wagon

Yep, it’s true–I fell off the yarn wagon.  I was being so good, knitting only from my stash for my Christmas presents, and then I read Ravelry.  That’s where I heard about the yarn sale at Michael’s, which in itself wasn’t enough to tempt me.  But then, in the same post, there was a mention of feltable yarn for only $3.50 a skein.  ?!  That’s half the price of Cascade 220!!

*sigh* So I got in my car, headed to Michael’s, found out it moved, called my brother-in-law who gave me the new address, and, well, $90 later, I have so many more colors to choose from now!

I am weak, I know.  Reset the clock as we try the cold turkey thing again.

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LOL Oh I soo know that feeling this week. I was trying to make Christmas presents with the stuff I already had but ended up having to go out for some blue fabric and buying pink green and turquoise too as I knew what to make and who for with them. iI am being good with yarn though, as I’m still in the throws of making son a wool jumper for Christmas and daughter a cardi as soon as the jumper is done.

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