Mondays. Blech.

My building can’t decide if it wants to be too hot or too cold. It was a sauna when we got in this morning, but now it’s cold enough for the space heater. Plus I’m cranky, from hormones and work stress, so I’m not really enjoying today all that much, despite a pleasant dream last night and a marvelously light commute this morning (the upside to working on a holiday).

I fell off the yarn wagon yesterday and spent too much at the sale at Michael’s, but since it’s all feltable yarn to be used for Xmas presents, I gave myself a pass. After the fiber gorge, I went to visit Miss G and dropped off the cute Pooh jammies I picked up at Target last week. She seems more aware than ever, doesn’t get as cranky as she used to, and even looks directly at me when I sing to her. Such a cutiehead, she’s still the highlight of my Sundays.

Today I had to lock the cats in the bedroom–someone’s supposed to spray the termite-infested window today. *fingers crossed* Please oh please oh please let it work! After doing some cleaning yesterday, I don’t hate my place as much as I did Saturday, but it would help a lot to minimize the termite invasions.

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