It's a zen thing

I know it comes as no surprise to anyone that knitting and crocheting are incredibly soothing activities.  As the yarn slips through your fingers, so does the stress of the moment, hour, or day.  Your mind becomes clearer, more focussed, less cluttered.  It can be difficult to make the world go away, and to do so in a constructive way (unlike, say, vegging in front of a tv–not that I’m against vegging in front of the tv); exercise is the only other way that comes to mind, at least for me, yet exercise isn’t always an option.  For immediate release, there’s nothing like picking up a project and stitching together a few rows.

I bring this up because I did something completely bone-headed this afternoon:  I forgot my ATM pin number.  ?!  Yeah, no clue how I managed that one, but I completely blanked in front of the ATM, and now I have to waste time this afternoon at the bank to clear it up.  But after crocheting a few rows on my log cabin blanket, I’m a little more “whatever” about the whole thing.  Yeah, it was stupid, but I will deal, and it will be fixed, and I will laugh about it next week.  Or maybe next month.

Wait, I think I need to crochet a few more rows…

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