It’s September 1st!

New month, new season (well, later this month, anyway), new calendar (I’ve really gotta stop using these student planner calendars that end in August).

Lately my time has been spent knitting (no surprise there), and kravving, and kickboxing, and…..playing with my new Xbox! Yep, got one for my birthday, thanks muchly to my mom and sis! And thanks to Todd, my new obsession is the Buffy game (but of course). I even stayed late at work yesterday reading a cheat sheet on Buffy’s fighting capabilities, which is good, ’cause until then I didn’t realize that holding down the right trigger would enable Buffy to block an attack. D’oh! I just need to not play anymore within two hours of going to bed, otherwise I have the weirdest dreams.

This morning I got to try my hand (voice, actually) at acting. We’re putting together a nifty flash game to go with a new exhibition opening soon, and I provide the voice for the character of Athena, goddess of war and wisdom. Apparently my haughty superiority was exactly what they were looking for. *snerk* Now I can’t wait to see the final project, and link y’all to it so you can mock at will. I’ll keep you updated, it should be live in a couple of weeks.

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