Where have I been?

Iowa. Well, ok, not this whole time, but this past weekend that’s where I was, for the wedding of two friends. They have a lot of food in Iowa, did you know that? Betcha didn’t. And they put a lot of it on sticks. Pork chop on a stick was my favorite. I’ll have pictures up soon to help illustrate the concept. Visiting Iowa has brought my visited-states count up to 24, and I’m eager to cross the 50% mark, but unfortunately all the states within easy driving distance of me have already been visited, so I’m thinking it’ll be awhile before I get to 26.

In other news, last Saturday (8/21) was the fourth anniversary of the day I arrived in Los Angeles for the purpose of making a living. So far, so good. I’ve also renewed my krav membership. As of now, it’s a pay per month membership, which means I’d better stop spending so much money on yarn, or I’ll be shifting my diet to all Ramen noodles, all the time, and nobody wants that.

Tomorrow is my 35th birthday. Woo. The older I get, the less excited I am about my birthday, which makes me sad, but trying to force it makes me sadder, so I’m just going with it this year – no big parties, no gathering of the masses to adore me, I’m pretty much just gonna wing it. I took the day off from work, and I’m thinking of spending the day at the movies, if only I can find some that I’m interested in seeing. Or maybe I’ll stay in, watch dvds, and knit all day. Eh, I’ll decide when I wake up, preferrably very very late (*fingers crossed*).

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