Je suis desolée

I removed the commenting option. The only “people” using it were the spam engines, so there was no real need to keep them. Someday, I’ll get around to upgrading myself to a WordPress blog, which has better spam and comment control. Until then, I’ll just be talking to myself, wondering if anyone’s really hearing me out there. And you know what happens when a person talks to herself for too long, right? All kinds of crazy stuff starts to come out!

In not so crazy stuff (or maybe it is?) I have lost motivation yet again to clean my apartment. There was a chance I’d have a houseguest later this month, which is always the *perfect* motivation for all kinds of things, but now the houseguest is not so much, so my tolerance for untidiness has returned to its usual very high levels. Very sad. Also sad that I won’t get to see said houseguest, for that matter.

But! That leaves more time for knitting for Christmas. 😀 See? Bright side to everything!

And in other news, I owe about a gazillion “things about me”, so let me go get started on that.

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