100 Things About Me: 10-18

  1. I’m slightly obsessive-compulsive. This means I get really into TV shows and hobbies.
  2. I’m a bit flaky, which means I can drop a hobby I was previously obsessed about, and never look back.
  3. One TV show I was obsessed with was MacGyver. It was pre-internet, so the only way to truly show my devotion was to watch it twice a day (7 and 11 on USA!), and make it my mission in life to see every episode ever featured in the opening credits montage.
  4. I was a finalist for a spontaneous essay contest in high school. I think I blew it when I had to write an essay that wasn’t spontaneous, i.e. I had more time to work on it than an hour, and they saw that there wasn’t really a difference.
  5. I’m a master procrastinator (which kinda helps explain #13).
  6. I received a perfect score on an essay I wrote in junior high for a state test. It was apparently very rare to get a perfect score on that test, so, yay me! The topic was, Where Would You Rather Be Right Now? I wrote about Narnia.
  7. I was the first person in my generation of my family to receive my Bachelor’s degree, and the third person ever (two uncles beat me to it).
  8. I’m a big fan of practical jokes, and was (in)famous for them at my last job.
  9. I used to write humorous poems and songs, mostly\ for my (previous) company’s annual Secret Santa ritual. Cleverness was highly regarded, both for the gift itself and for the note that accompanied it. One year, I ghost-wrote poems for five other people’s gifts.

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