Life, or something like it

I went quiet again, didn’t I? Sorry about that. Let’s see, my life in a nutshell for the past two weeks….

Got a big ol’ check from the IRS ’cause I screwed up my taxes. It’s sitting in my savings account, waiting for the state of California to realize that since I made a mistake in my 2001 taxes, I probably also made the same mistake in 2002. That’ll be a pretty little bill.

I said goodbye to two of my favorite coworkers—one is moving to San Diego, and the other is going to Yale grad school. While I’m happy for both of them, I’m selfishly sad for myself, as they were two of the funnest and funniest people in the office, and I’ve always enjoyed their company. Plus Yale Boy was our best player at Pub Trivia, so that’s gonna hurt.

Saw Shrek 2. Loved it, especially Puss in Boots, and if you’ve ever shared your life with a cat, you must go see this movie.

I’ve been spending far too much time at the dentist lately, and I’m going again tomorrow. Cleanings and fillings and wisdom teeth, oh my!

My cable is officially gone, but I haven’t been home enough to fully appreciate the difference. This weekend should be the real test. I did, however, get myself hooked on Six Feet Under. How did I ever live before Netflix?

I finally got my oil leak checked out. According to my mechanic, he can take my car for a week, dismantle the engine, plug all of the many leaks that he can find, put it back together, bill me $1200, and still not guarantee that a) he would’ve gotten them all, or b) that it wouldn’t start leaking again in a month. Apparently Subaru’s are notorious for leaking, but as long as I keep filling the oil, it won’t hurt the engine, just my parking space. So, I’m saving the $1200, and I’ve put a little carpet in the space. Although, I think I’m gonna need a bigger carpet

That’s the it for now. Perhaps I’ll think of more for later. 🙂

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