Ok, just one puppy. I got to work this morning, and there was a little one-eyed dog in the hallway, surrounded by quite a few of my coworkers cooing at her. Coworker AL volunteers at a local shelter, and had stopped at the office on her way to drop Twink back there (Twink was too aggressive with her cats, so she couldn’t keep her anymore.) So!incredibly!cute! She was curled up in this little fleecy pad that AL was carrying around, but when she saw me, she got up and came right to me. I dropped my stuff and got down on the floor with her, doing my own cooing as I rubbed her little tummy. She made me wish I could have a dog (not an easy feat), she was just that cute.

AL took her back to the shelter already, but if there’s anyone here in L.A. that’s interested in a sweet little one-eyed dog (someone said she was a chihuahua, but she didn’t look like any chihuahua I’d ever seen) that looks to be a smidge smaller than my Trouble, lemme know.

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