Major Slacker, reporting in

I know, I promised to update again two weeks ago. Oh well.

So far, 2006 isn’t much better than 2005. This week alone I’ve managed to potentially screw up two lives and two friendships, and I wasn’t even trying. How’s that for talent? Although, to be fair, I also launched the redesign of, the coolest part of it being the new blog authored by Jane herself. She’s already updated it twice, so you should go check it out and see what she’s all about.

In other news, I’m off the cane, and the knee is doing better, although it’s a bit twitchy today (maybe from the cold?). Watching the Patriots game was a horrific way to spend three and a half hours Saturday. Oh! And! My friend A finished her first book! Woo! Her agent is shopping it around and there are already two publishers interested, so keep your fingers crossed for her!

Also also, if your family, you might be interested in this: Before I left MA, I scanned in a few of the old black and white pics from before most of us were born. You can find them here, and if you can identify any of the people in the unmarked pictures, please let me know!

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