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I know it’s cliche to apologize for not updating, but so what–I’m so sorry for the long delay between posts.  I have lots of excuses–excessive heat, craziness at work, travel (I’m in Boston right now), but really, iffen I had time to update my LJ, I had time to update this blog, so, my apologies.

Paula/Polgara, Stephanie and NancySadly,  I’m not working on anything all that fabulous, just a diagonal nubbly red scarf for the Red Scarf Project.  With the excessive heat we had over Labor Day (I lost power for 16 very hot hours!), I was not motivated to plan anything elaborate, so I just picked up a ziploc already loaded with pre-wound red yarn, and started a scarf.*  And no, it’s still not finished.  My time lately has been spent on stressful work stuff, visiting my friend’s daughter at the hospital, and preparing for this trip I’m currently on–a mix of business and pleasure, starting with a wedding on Cape Cod (see pic–me, the bride, and my sister the bridesmaid), followed by two days of vegging (i.e. today and tomorrow), then a Flash conference in Boston, followed by more personal stuff over the weekend.  Busy busy busy!

I do, however, have some FPO-ish pictures.  First, the shell shawl:

crochet: shell shawl

I realize this picture actually sucks–I need to take some on an actual person, preferably in daylight–but it’ll do for now (plus the other two in the flick group–click on the image to open the flickr window).

Next, remember the log cabin blanket I did for Grace that I forgot to photograph in a finished state before delivering it to the mom?  Well, here it is in action, protecting Miss Grace from the chills of the PICU:


You can only see half the blanket, but you get the idea. I’m particularly fond of the green sc border, which matches the green used in her brother’s blanket.

And finally, a link–today’s Two Lumps is adorable and on-topic (I had no idea Ebenezer and Snooch’s mom was a knitter!).

*And now that I’ve read yesterday’s blog entry for the Red Scarf Project, I suspect this scarf may not be “special” enough to match the criteria.  Oh well, I can always find someone who needs a scarf.

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