Hobbies Whining

My failure to paint

I wanted to paint this weekend, but I couldn’t settle on a subject, which is what I’m finding to be the hardest part of this new hobby of mine. That, and the fact that my last two paintings (the Japanese Maple and a portrait of my nephew) came out so good that I’m now afraid of future failures.

I have a Pinterest board where I save photos of things I might want to paint someday. When I’m feeling this urge to paint, I troll the board for hours, trying to pick one thing to commit to canvas, but I have undone myself, ’cause I want to paint them all. The ones that came closest to reality this weekend were a cat on a bicycle in the snow and a cat climbing up someone’s leg. I guess I was in a cat mood.

Sadly, neither became a painting this weekend. Instead I read more of Two Graves, and watched a lot of football. Maybe next weekend.

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