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My Top Nine New Experiences of 2012

2012, like any year, had its ups and downs, and its own fair share of new experiences. Here’s my list of my top ten nine favorite new experiences of the year:

1. Becoming a Fairy Godmother

Riley's Baptism
That’s me, second from the left.

I’ve never been anyone’s godmother before (possibly due to lack of any religious affiliation or even belief?), so I’m very honored that my first official godmother title is for my nephew Riley. Of course, due to the aforementioned lack of religious anything, I prefer to think of is as a Fairy Godmother position, which fortunately suits my sister just fine. 🙂

2. Playing paintball
Jane and I
That’s Jane on the left, me on the right.

Not only was it my first paintball experience, but it was paintball with ZOMBIES. I was already predisposed to have a great time, but the threat of death-by-zombie made it unforgettably awesome. Plus I never got hit. And I killed two zombies. One of them, I killed a lot. His referree buddy came over to him to make sure he was ok. Woo!

3. Playing in two pool tournaments

Me and Pam
Me with my 8-ball teammate Pam

First was the Ladies Team 8-ball Trophy Division in Las Vegas last May, and the second was the Ladies Individual 9-ball Tournie in Bellflower just last month. My playing was not terrible in either tournament, and both were definitely a good time.

4. Learning to paint

Portrait of Riley
Portrait of Riley, charcoal and acrylic (Xmas present for Nan and Todd)

All thanks to, I have released my inner painter and turned my kitchen table into my own personal art studio, with easel, canvases, acrylic paints, lots of brushes, and a variety of paint palettes. Hopefully 2013 will be a year of me continuing to practice and get better.

5. Visiting the Mall of America

Mall of America
Yes, it really does have an amusement park in the middle of it.

Largest mall in America! Yep, I’ve been there and it is indeed large. And a mall. And that was pretty much it. Plus I took Minneapolis’s public transportation to get there, which is also unusual for me (utilizing strange city’s public tran, that is).

6. Getting my kissing on

Me and Papa Solis
Me and Papa Solis, after the first tequila, but I think before the second. Mostly ’cause I don’t remember much after the second.

Not just any kissing, mind you. Thanks to Papa Solis’s tequila, I have two new kissing milestones under my belt–I kissed a girl, and I kissed a complete stranger. That was one crazy (and fabulous) wedding!

7. Singing in a Polish karaoke piano bar in Minneapolis

Polish Piano Karaoke Bar
Katie and Philippa singing at the Polish Karaoke Piano Bar in Minneapolis

Now that was a blast. It’s not often you get to sing to a crowd of drunk people with piano accompaniment in your own key. That was a good night.

8. Meeting my niece Violet

As cute as she is, I somehow managed to FAIL at getting a really good pic of her. WTF, self? No cookie for me!

Super adorable little darling girl, every bit as lovely as a niece could possibly be.

9. Winning a Sportsmanship trophy

My trophy! It has my name on it and everything!
My trophy! It has my name on it and everything!

Sportsmanship! Me! That was an uber-nice surprise at the pool league’s end of season awards night. Sure, I might’ve had to have my therapist break it down for me (I have trouble processing things that are not quantifiable), but now I see that the awards that are backed by opinions and not numbers are actually the best awards.

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