Knitting and Crochet

New project

The blankets are finished!  Well, sort of–the yarn has been bound off, but I still have to finish weaving all the ends in.  Blech.  Not a big fan of the weaving, not at all.

Once I finished the knitting part, I immediately started thinking of my next project.  It was originally going to be more blankets for the twins, but once I saw how many blankets their grandmother had already knitted for them, well…. mebbe they don’t need more blankets just now.  And besides, I need a break from the baby stuff, I think.  And the blankets.  So, after much thinking and flipping through some books, and the current issues of Vogue Knitting and KnitSimple, I decided it was time to make my first ever tank top–woo!  I chose the yellow tank on page 36 of KnitSimple, except mine’s going to look nothing like that, since I’m doing it in ribbon yarn.  It was the only thing I had on hand that a) isn’t wool, and b) I already have enough of on hand.  I upped the needles to 10, since that’s the recommended needle for the ribbon, and because let’s face it, an XL on a pattern is rarely *really* an XL, and I’d rather it be a smidge big than a smidge small.  (Swatch it? Me?  Yeah, not so much.)

So that’s my latest project.  Hopefully it won’t be a total disaster, but even disasters are useful, and really, truth be told, I knit for the process.  I have so many scarves I rarely use, but that’s ok, ’cause it was made for the making, and not for the end product. 🙂

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