New year, new opportunity to be a regular blogger again!

So my New Year’s resolution is to blog every day. Will it happen? I was pretty successful when I did the same thing a few years ago, so I have high hopes for 2013 (or as The Bloggess calls it, The Library).

I closed out 2012 with some flare…

New Year's Eve in Jess's kitchen
New Year’s Eve in Jess’s kitchen

…dancing to hair bands around a kitchen floor somewhere in Massachusetts. It was a good time and a great way to ring in a new year. The champagne wasn’t bad either. 😀

Other hopes for the new year include losing weight and getting fit(ter–“fit” is relative when you’re starting at zero); painting more and hopefully getting better at it; practicing pool more so that I’ll be better at the 8-ball tournament in Vegas this summer; and doing more new things. Somewhere I have a list of the new things I did in 2012; as soon as I find it, I’ll post it.

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