October, already?

You may have noticed I haven’t been terribly consistent with blogging lately.  Partly it was because I had The Plague, which made me not want to do much of anything.  But mostly it’s because I haven’t really been doing yarn crafts, which makes me sad.  I started that stupid red scarf that is so boring I rarely pick it up, yet I haven’t been able to find another project to replace it.  What I’d like to be working on is a felted purse for a friend, but I don’t have the right colors in my stash, and I’m on a budget freeze, so, no!new!yarn!  Which also makes me sad.

I feel bad for abandoning my readers, though, so I’m thinking of outsourcing, i.e. inviting some of my knitting friends to guest-blog, so y’all will still have something new to read. I know there aren’t many of you, but I check the stats, and I know I’m not talking to myself here, so of course I want to make sure you keep coming back. 🙂

In other news, how about those new TV shows premiering in the past few weeks?  I of course have not seen all of them, but here’s my take on the ones I have seen:

Chuck = One thumb up.  It’s amusing, and I adore Adam Baldwin, so I’ll keep watching it.
Journeyman = Zzzzzzzzzzzz.  Watched ten minutes, got bored, went to bed.

Reaper = Two thumbs up.  Cracks me up! The leaf blower! The rubber suits! I hope it keeps its momentum.

Private Practice = Ugh.  No improvement since the pseudo-pilot hidden within Grey’s Anatomy last year. Will not watch.
Bionic Woman = One thumb tentatively up.  It takes itself too seriously, the dialogue is lame, and I miss the deaf and angry little sister from the original pilot, but at least it has cool action sequences.  At least it’s better than Private Practice.
Dirty Sexy Money = Two thumbs up.  So far the Darlings are pretty one dimensional, but I don’t care, because I love Peter Krause, and I love how his character’s reactions to the Darlings are pretty much what I’m thinking–these people live on another planet! And the ringtones are endlessly amusing (except they changed Karen’s ringtone–wuwt?).
Pushing Daisies = LOVE. Favorite new show of 2007. Adore Lee Pace, although I’m a little distracted by the lead actress’s resemblance to Zooey Deschanel.

Big Shots = Two thumbs down.  As someone else said somewhere online, “Finally! A TV show showcasing the problems of rich white men!”  In the ten minutes I saw before I couldn’t take it anymore, I saw unlikeable, whiny characters screwing up their cozy rich lives.  Eh.  I’d rather read before bed.

Moonlight = Omigod, I think I broke a thumb when they turned down so fast they crashed to the floor.  Smug and trite dialogue that sounds like it was written by a seventh-grader in a remedial reading class,  horrible acting, ridiculously miscast actors (poor Jason Dohring), and a premise ripped from not just one, but at least two shows that did it way better (although I would’ve forgiven this last nail in the coffin if it weren’t for the rest of it).  Easily the worst new show of the season, and possibly the worst I’ve ever seen. Seriously, you should check it out just to marvel at the badness!

Ok, that’s horribly off-topic for a knitting blog, unless you do a lot of your knitting in front of the TV like I (usually) do.  I think I’ll go pull out my entire stash now in an attempt to jump start my creative juices and get myself out of this knitter’s block.

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