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Only three more days of NaBloPoMo!

Three more posts after today, and I’ll have posted every day for the month of November–woot!  My visitor stats have been very healthy during this time, so hopefully I’ll be able to maintain my momentum, and not fall back on the once-a-week style of posting I had before November.

I don’t have much in the way of yarn news today.  I’m still working with the Lion Suede, which, as I mentioned last night, works much better crocheted than knitted. Omigod yes. I’m even starting to like the yarn, although I still fully expect it to worm at some point. Sadly, I didn’t have the second ball with me yesterday, otherwise the project would be finished by now. Phooey.

I’ve been holding firm on the no-new-yarn-purchases, but it’s hard with that beaded Booga Bag sitting in a corner, pining for one more ball of mustard Patons wool. I try not to look at it.  I think my next bag will be a beaded Balloon, since I already know I have enough yarn for that, and I want to see a finished project with beads, already.

I’ve added a few more projects to Ravelry, including some of the yet-to-be-felted purses.  Yay! I have so many projects still to add, I’ll probably still be adding six months from now. 

Hmm. I need more tea.  Guess that means I’m done!

2 replies on “Only three more days of NaBloPoMo!”

lion suede is evil.
i attempted to make a whole garment out of it once, and it was a pure disaster because despite swatching, that stuff has gauge issues.

i think any yarn purchased to prevent something from becoming a UFO does not go against a yarn diet. go get your patons. =)

Aha! An enabler! Exactly what I’ve been looking for! This was my opinion too, but it felt like I was lying to myself. But since someone agrees, it washes the guilt away! Thanks. 🙂

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