Painting did happen, just….not well

I painted. There was painting. I think it was a crime against all paintings, but yes, I did paint.

I sat at my easel, with my sketched canvas, and decided I needed to loosen up first, so I got a blank canvas, chose four colors I hadn’t used yet, and just started slapping it on in random movements. I covered the canvas, and it looked terrible, so I took my painting knife, and scraped some new patterns into the web paint.


I like using sponges, so I spread one with pink paint and dabbed some splotches on. And they looked vaguely like flowers. So I dabbed some purple over those, and used a thin brush to add some light brown stems. But it was all so dark. White is often the answer to dark, so I smushed some around the pink and purple blobs. And along some of the brown stems. Then some green along the stems for some leaves. And this was the end result:

Blobs of flowers on blobs of color
Blobs of flowers on blobs of color

Possibly my least favorite painting so far, I haven’t decided. I think it’s still too dark.

So I put that aside and got started on the bear painting. I decided to block out the lights and darks, like I’ve seen suggested on several blogs.

Blocked canvas, showing where gas station, sidewalk and departing car will go.

Then I wondered why the fuck I’d chosen this subject. So I sponged some foliage all over the green parts (sorry, forgot to take a pic), and hated it even more, so I decided it was time to walk away for awhile.

This was Saturday. It’s still sitting there, waiting for me to return and turn it into something vaguely resembling more than color blocks. Maybe Friday.

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