Quiz Night? It must be Tuesday!

Yay Patriots! Aaaand, that’s all I got. For the Superbowl, anyway. Oddly enough, I was so 100% certain that the Pats would win, that the game lost all its competitive edge for me. I found myself bored, even when it was tied with two minutes left in the game—I knew they could pull it out without having to go to overtime. I can’t recall ever having that kind of faith in anything else in my life, it was kinda weird. And dull. Uncertainty is way more entertaining.

I feel like I should say something about the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake controversy, but really, the incident barely caused a blip on my radar, and the fact that it’s now a media circus just further illustrates how far out of whack our country’s priorities have gotten. Show me a media circus over 527 dead Americans in Iraq, and then maybe we can talk.

I started a new scarf last night, and I’m already regretting the yarn choice. I wanted something fuzzy, but I think I got something more suited for a baby blanket than a scarf. Doesn’t matter, though, I’m still going forward with it. I’ll be in the learning phase for awhile yet, so the first few projects are just an exercise anyway, and who cares if I make a supersoft scarf in baby blue and white? I’m sure I’ll find someone willing to wear it. And it’s letting me practice the purl stitch while covering up any mistakes I make, which is good, ’cause so far my purl stitch is looser than something really loose.

Some quickie movie reviews while I’m here:
Old School – UGH UGH UGH
Legally Blonde 2 – *yawn*
What a Girl Likes – surprisingly entertaining, made me giggle out loud more than once
Down With Love – all my thumbs and toes up on this one, go buy it!
Tomb Raider 2 – *yawn* *yawn*
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – not nearly as bad as I’d heard, or maybe I just had really low expectations, but I didn’t hate it and it kept me mildly entertained

These reviews are brought to you by Netflix. 😀

And if anyone happens to be in the mood to buy me a present, go here. Either light pink or blue will be fine. 😀

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