Yo to the Friday

So in the grand scheme of things, this week was worse than last week, but not nearly as bad as the week before. Is that progress?

I’ve found some things missing from the site that didn’t make it to the restoration. I’ll try to get to that this weekend, as well as possibly posting the pictures from Christmas. I suck, I know, but after the month I’ve had at work, the last thing I’ve wanted to do is more web stuff when I get home. I’ll attempt to do better, though, I promise.

The bad news for this week was finding out that one of my best friends is moving back east. I have many thoughts on this, but really, no time to put them down. Again, maybe this weekend. The good news for this week would be that Mom and the sis have booked their flights for their annual spring visit, woo! Can’t wait to introduce them to Quiz Night. *g*

My weekend is going to be rather tame. Today we have a party to attend up at the Museum, and tonight I get to go see George Sarah finally. Tomorrow is kickboxing, Sunday is the delegate caucus, and then Monday I get to partake in the joyous wonder of California’s jury system. Woo. Eh, whatever. As long as I don’t land on a jury that will interfere with my vacation time in two weeks, I’m ok with it. Civic duty and all.

Also this weekend, John is performing at the Ontario Improv. I’d go, but alas, I’m still in the post-Christmas financial freakout. I’ll get another chance in March, when he’ll be at the Brea Improv, but damn it would’ve been nice to see him this weekend, if only ’cause I could sure use the laugh. I still find it weird that we live in the same city, just a couple of miles apart, and we never see each other outside of comedy clubs (and then, only twice in three years). Families are odd, yo.

For those of the geeky persuasion, go forth and mock. Or, ya know, cringe in recognition.

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