Seek and ye shall find!

Every etiquette website I’ve surfed in the past month has assured me that it’s impolite to include registry information with invitations of any kind. And while I completely understand the reasoning, it burdens any guest who may actually want that information with the task of seeking it out on their own. How annoying.

Therefore, I’m going to risk the mantle of impropriety in order to assist anyone who may have found this website through clever deduction*, by providing the information that you may or may not require–where Nancy and Todd are registered. (Seek and ye shall find…)

*Trust me, if you’re here, you may count yourselves among the clever, as not everyone can trace an email address to a website….not that there’s anything wrong with not being web-savvy, of course.

Registry information, with direct links:

Crate and Barrel (registry number: 9044159)
Bed, Bath and Beyond (registry number: 1938114)

That’s it. As a single person, I couldn’t imagine why they wouldn’t register at–books and music and movies, oh my!–but try as I might, I couldn’t make them see reason.

If you have any other questions, you should already have my phone number and email address. Otherwise, you can reach me at my default-spamalot email address, feewiwwy (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Thank you for visiting, and should you venture further into the site, my apologies in advance for the lack of recent content, I’m terribly lazy about doing updates. 🙂

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