There goes my New Year’s resolution

I resolved to post more here, but there I go, screwing it up again.

Anyway! Let’s see, what’s new…..
+My knee has been getting better, so I’ve been downgraded to PT once a week instead of twice a week.
+I’ve been eating out far too much this week. (but sushi! and Hurry Curry! all too yummy to just say no!)
+I’m excited about my upcoming trip to Florida for a conference. It’s being held at a “spa and resort”, which is squee-worthy enough, but then my coworkers and I are planning to drive down to Key West for the weekend, which should be fabulous, as I’ve never been there.
+There’s been drama at work, but it’s all pretty far removed from me, so it’s like watching tv–interesting, but easy to turn off.

Hmm, I think that’s all I’ve got. I’ll be back later if I think of anything else.

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