February 8, and it’s 86 degrees in Los Angeles


I’m at work right now, and I’m feeling anxiety, no idea why. Can’t focus ’cause I just want to go home and cuddle under a blanket on my couch (in 86 degree temps, go figure). But I can’t go home yet, so I came here.

It has occurred to me that I never got around to doing a “firsts” list for 2015, so let’s do that.


Things I did for the first time ever, in 2015:

I visited Chicago for the first time (for Museums and the Web).
2015 was the first time I knew someone from the witness list of a trial I was almost on a jury for (got booted, not a first).
Oh yeah, this is why I hadn’t done the list yet–it was the first time I found a deceased person, my friend “serenada”.
It’s also the first year I had two close friends die, serenada and Christopher (cancer). 2015 really sucked.
It was the first time I’d met serenada’s mother and cousins.
It was the first time I played a Meatloaf song on my phone, at a wake. (Chris’s)
I was captain of our pool tournament team. We came in third.
I was in the same room and breathed the same air as Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightly (panel discussion for “Imitation Game”).
I met Dr. Parvati Kashani, who fixed my elbow problems. She’s pretty cool.
I interviewed with the Smithsonian. (That was pretty cool!)
I saw the penultimate episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour at the Largo.
I went to Wondercon and heard Felicia Day speak.
Saw the Arrow cast and crew panel at Paleyfest.
Bought my first $40+ skein of yarn.
Had a full-body massage for the first time ever, at the Rio in Vegas.
Went to my first clothing swap party, at Emily’s.
Went to my first Jewish service, a memorial service for my friend’s dad.
Spent July 4th weekend at a rental house in Vegas with Buffistas.
Was in the same room and breathed the same air as Sir Ian McKellan (!!) for “Mr. Holmes” panel (with Laura Linney too).
Went to a wedding at a courthouse (Kat and Katie, and their anniversary was this past Saturday, so yay them!).
Saw E.T. with a live orchestra at the Bowl for my birthday.
Went to LACMA to see the Gehry exhibition. (It was pretty cool!)
Saw Better Off Dead in a theater, with members of the cast.
Crashed into a coffee table and split my lip open.
Went to Legoland in Somerville.
Played Ticket to Ride. (LOVE this game!)

So it wasn’t ALL bad, but it really wasn’t a great year. I was depressed for at least half of it, and trying to dig out for the other half.

Here’s hoping for a better 2016.