Programming Work

Take THAT, z-index! Pyew! Pyew!

Solved a bitch of a coding problem that I’d wasted way too much time on before Christmas. It was a CSS problem where a tooltip box couldn’t transcend its parent div’s z-index, and therefore kept falling behind the neighboring div. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to raise the child above the parent, until someone else needed help with an onmouseover, and bam! The answer hit me–elevate the parent.

<div onMouseover=" = 100" onMouseout=" = 1">

Ta da! Problem fixed. Woo!


Yay FireBug!

I found it! The problem that’s been making me crazy for three weeks has finally been solved, thanks to FireBug! Woot!

Note for the future: When there’s a mysterious horizontal line appearing at the top of a table, in Drupal, in Firefox, go to modules/system/system.css and change the damned tbody border that’s hiding in there.

Woot! No more horizontal line!