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Tax refund season!

I’m getting a decent tax return this season. I wasn’t expecting it, because I planned to do my taxes myself, but I let a friend talk me into going to her accountant, and lo and behold, a refund! Woot!

Sadly, it’ll all be going to a credit card, but that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about what I’d rather be doing with the money:

* A vacation! My friends are going to Ireland in a couple of months, and omigod I wish I was going, but it costs twice what my refund is, and it would be ridiculously irresponsible of me to try to meet that price tag. And while it is enough money for another cruise, another week at Disney World, a week in Aruba, or even just a week in Yosemite, I’m still stuck on “financially irresponsible”. I might try to swing another few days at Zion in July, though (it’s waaaay cheaper than Yosemite!).

* Every book on my Amazon wish list. As awesome as that would be (and it would be AWESOME), I can’t even finish reading the books I already own.

* A Kindle. (See above about not finishing the books I already own.)

* Security deposit on a new apartment. I think this is the only one that could tempt me away from putting it towards a credit card, except that moving scares the death out of me. Like, anxiety attack, pass the xanax, scares me. Hopefully I’ll get over that before the ceiling in my living room caves in.

* New laptop. I’m only thinking of this one because lately, even though I have a nifty new router that made video streaming so much faster and easier, for some reason my laptop keeps losing the web connection, and worse, DOESN’T TELL ME. All systems are, “What? Everything’s working fine! Seriously.”, even when nothing loads, and only corrects itself when I reboot the modem, the router, AND the laptop. So!annoying! But logically, it works pretty well under most circumstances, so a new one is just a pipe dream.

* New furniture. Oooo, I really want this one! If I’m not going to move, I’d really like to at least freshen up my current place. Everything is over ten years old, which is fine for the shelves and the tables, but less fine for the couch. Plus I could definitely be using the space in the bedroom more efficiently, and the kitchen could use a few extra shelves on the wall.

* Cable. This is definitely a luxury, though. I’ll only go there if AT&T’s new bandwidth limit curtails my Hulu streaming.

* An elliptical trainer. Ha! Let’s be honest, I’d use it maybe a week, then it’d become another thing taking up space.

But these are all pipe dreams, ’cause the money will really be most useful if it can help me cut ties with Bank of America just a little bit sooner.

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