Last week I added a new page to the site, Knitting Stuff. It replaces the Political Stuff page, ’cause ever since the election, I’ve been too discouraged to update that page. My sister wants to know why I’m spending time creating new pages instead of updating the old ones, to which I say, that’s a good question. I’ll see what I can do about that.

The knee is finally getting better, six weeks later. I still can’t use it on stairs, but the limp is almost gone, halleluja! The lack of kickboxing and krav has been driving me nuts, so I’ve started using a pilates tape to get some degree of exercise in, and now that I’m walking better, I might try some of that this weekend too—walking, that is. This stupid injury put a serious crimp in my plans to look and feel at least a little better before the New Orleans trip, so I have a lot of hard core catching up to do, while simultaneously trying not to agitate the still healing injury. Woo! My life, she is exciting!

In other news, Angels tickets finally go on sale tomorrow morning! YAY! I’ve been checking every day for two months now, but for some reason they waited until about a month after most of the other teams had already started selling their tickets. Not that I care about the Angels, of course, but the Red Sox are coming in August for four games, and I’ve been saving my pennies in the hopes of getting seats at all four. Mom will be visiting at the same time, and she’s very graciously agreed to go with me, should I succeed in my quest. RED SOX! WOO!

Let’s see, what else? Saw all five Best Picture Oscar noms this year, for the first time ever. I thought Million Dollar Baby totally deserved the award, and I loved the film, but my personal favorite was Finding Neverland, which you should go see as soon as you possibly can.

Oo, also also, you should read A Promise to my Grandfather: A Follow Up, because it’s a beautiful story and will only take you about five minutes. Also, have kleenex handy.

Finally, last night, amid some rather horrible nightmares, I had a marvelous dream that my Uncle Paul came to L.A. for a surprise visit. So Uncle Paul, you’ll get right on that, yes?

Ok, that’s it for now. Hugs.

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