Rain rain go away

I’m back at the office today, despite the fact that the knee isn’t getting much better, but the doctor didn’t want me to take more than a week of rest. Something about how “movement is life.”

The rain can stop anytime now. As I predicted, my windows started leaking again as soon as it started raining again. Patching up the holes doesn’t change the fact that the water is getting into the walls, so of course the water is once again punching through the plaster and paint. Woo! Fun times in Los Angeles, yessiree.

I’ve got nothing else, I’m afraid. Spending week after week on the couch trying to coax an injury to heal already, goddammit! doesn’t give me much to share with others, unless you want to hear about the two and a half books I finished, the completed poncho or half-completed scarf, or the season of Angel I zipped through. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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