The one where I lightspeed through my weekend

It’s been a week since my last entry. How sad. But yo, the weekend was of the good.

I’d left it pretty open in case there were tapes to be transcribed (my new part time job—have I mentioned my new part time job? I should probably reread my previous entries…), but once I found out they had none (at the time, anyway), it filled up pretty quickly. There were movies and dvds (Secret Window=good, but predictable; Once Upon a Time in Mexico=eh, some of it was amusing, but I just couldn’t get into it; Fight Club=way cool, can’t imagine why A thought I wouldn’t like it), naps, hiking (more like walking, but whatever), kickboxing, sushi, yarn shopping, and group Wonderfalls viewage (it’s good, you should watch it, and if you don’t believe me, read this by my friend A). Unfortunately I didn’t leave my Sunday open enough, as there were tapes to be done that day and I had to turn them down in favor of work I’d brought home and procrastinated on, but hopefully they’ll have more for next weekend, when I can release the “no” guilt. So except for that, it was a fabulous weekend, the kind that needs to be repeated on a regular basis.

In other news, I skipped krav yesterday (lower back pain sucks) in favor of attending tonight’s class instead. I’m wondering how long it’ll be before going to class excites me instead of making me nervous. I hate being a newbie.

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