Gratuitous Picture Post

This is a test. This is only a test.

I’m testing the Jetpack subscribe feature, to maybe be used with my company’s updated blog. But first we have to know what the email looks like when subscribers get notified of a new post. So, here are some cool pictures!

2016-01-31 20.51.40

My bebehs Zeva and Jack, being nice to each other. Well, Jack is usually nice, but Zeva tends to be, well…..moodier?

2016-01-31 22.26.10

The sis and I in her kitchen on New Year’s Eve, 2016. I was testing out my Apple Watch’s capability of remotely triggering the camera in my iPhone. Pretty sweet!

2016-02-21 17.38.00

Jack likes plastic. I don’t know why. So this is him sleeping, cuddled up to my yarn bag for my current project.

2016-02-22 17.40.13

Deer on the hillside! I was walking down the hill after work, and there they were! It’s my favorite part of my job, the random deer sightings.

2016-02-24 22.07.42

Peeps from my pool league, watching the game on table 10.

Ok, so that’s my little test post. Time to hit “publish” and see what ends up in my email. 🙂

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