Welcome to June

Just got back from New Orleans on Monday. My good lord, am I tired! There is little sleep to be found in NOLA, but lots and lots of alcohol. I believe I’ll be spending the next two months detoxing just from my two May trips. But I had a marvelous time, with many marvelous people that I only get to see once a year, and sometimes less than that. And, I even let some of them put blue streaks in my hair. Yes, you read that right – I now have (partially) blue hair. Woo!

There were so many highlights to the trip, I don’t even know where to begin. The short list would include:
Yummy food.
Dancing in a downpour while singing “Singing in the Rain” (after about two shots of Scotch).
Tying knots in my friend’s sock (I fit five whole knots – I was quite proud of myself).
Getting asked to leave a karaoke bar. (ok, that wasn’t technically me, that was a friend that I was with, but we all left anyway.)
The thunderstorm during our last night – didn’t sleep a wink, spent the night watching the lightning.
Dancing with my sister to the song from Sleeping Beauty.
Sparkle bars from Lush, and the application of such. Mmmmmm.
Blue drinks that match my shirt.
Wandering around the French Quarter all on my own before my 30+ friends and family arrived the next day.

There are other highlights I may mention later, and even more highlights that will never get documented on a public blog. 😉 But that’s a good start, I think.

Ok, back to class now.

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