SOMEDAY, I’ll be better at updates

But my money is on not.

Life has settled back to normal since NOLA and San Francisco, and damn, what a disappointment that’s been! L.A. is a rough town, yo. Men are far more attentive and, well, fun, in other cities (i.e. NOLA and SF) than in L.A., where a lot of guys (not all, I would never stereotype *that* far) are either focused on all the pretty young starlet-wannabes, or else are trying to attract attention themselves. Makes it rather difficult for the not-even-close-to-a-size-3 gals such as myself. I kinda knew that going in, but spending time in those other, non-Hollywood towns reminded me of how much easier it could be elsewhere, if only I didn’t love it so much here. *sigh*

In other news, the NOLA pictures are up, and for the first time ever, are not hosted here – yet. The software available at Livejournal was more suited to my needs, but soon I’ll be moving them over to reside with all the rest. Until then, you can see them here. Enjoy!

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