Well, that was more than a little annoying.

I had a bbq to go to this afternoon, so I spent all morning and part of the afternoon working on my Flash project, which fortunately is coming along nicely, so nicely that I lost track of time and ended up getting into the shower late. But whatever, I got ready, glad to be having a good hair day for a change, and headed off for the great hot valley.

So of course, less than a mile from my apartment, my car, which was on its absolutely best behavior yesterday when I wanted to get its new rattle checked by my mechanic, suddenly starts smelling like burning rubber. At first I thought it was just the neighborhood, but I pulled into a parking lot, popped the hood, and sure enough, the smell is super strong there.

Have I mentioned how much I hate my car?

Rather than risk a meltdown somewhere in the valley, I headed home. And wouldn’t you know it, the smell faded on the way back? Gah! Hate!

So here I sit, at home, alone, all showered and dressed with nowhere to go. Bah. I hate my car.

But perhaps, it was just a sign that I need to finish my Flash project. *sigh*

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