Yarn sale!

So lately I’ve been too caught up in the excitement of Ravelry to post much, but I have important news to impart.  Remember the yarn I was discussing back on the 13th and the 19th? The Debbie Bliss that feels like butter and clouds and happiness and sunshine?  Well, it’s on sale RIGHT NOW at Webs for only $4.79 a ball! In a gazillion colors! And they still (as of this morning) have thousands of balls in stock!

I’m telling you this because I don’t think I can partake.  I wish (omigod do I wish!) that I could, but I blew my spending budget last weekend at Ikea and on crochet books at B&N, and there just isn’t anything left for yarn (I think–I’m planning on balancing my checkbook at lunch to see if I can squeeze a ball or two out).  But you can still go, and spend, and receive a joyous box next week filled with soft, squishy self-love!  (And no, I don’t work for Webs–or any yarn store, for that matter.  But Debbie Bliss’s alpaca silk is one of the softest fibers I’ve ever touched, and I want to share the sensation with every single person I’ve ever met–and then everyone else, too!)

Why are you still here? You go now!

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