You’d think with all the sitting around I’ve been doing, I’d’ve posted more updates.

So it turned out to not be the meniscus, but instead a dislocated fibulla? tibia? I dunno, some bone. I hobbled around on a cane for a week and a half before the physical therapist properly diagnosed it and presumably fixed it. I say presumably because while yes, the pressure in my knee is now gone, the pain is taking longer to go away, due to all the irritation and swelling in all the parts around the dislocated area. Fortunately my bosses rock and the let me work from home this week on a company-loaned laptop, which I’m typing on this very moment while sitting on my couch and watching Buffy dvds. I sooooo need a laptop of my own! Also fortunately, I’d ordered DSL right before the injury, which helps with the whole working from home thing. Woo DSL!

Anyway, I’m up right now at 4:30 in the morning because somehow, even though I’ve seen hardly anyone all week, I managed to catch a pain in the ass of a cold, which is making me cranky as well as keeping me from sleeping. Question is, do I continue to sit here watching Buffy, or do I get in my car at 4:35 in the morning in search of Benadryl, NyQuil, or maybe a rubber mallet to whack myself over the head? Right now, the couch is winning.

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